Brown County United Way Contributes $17,850 to Greater Green Bay Community Foundation’s Capacity Building Grants

June 20, 2024  |  Posted in ,


GREEN BAY, WI — Brown County United Way is pleased to announce its contribution of $17,850 to the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation’s Capacity Building Grants this past spring cycle. This contribution is provided through the Brown County United Way Nonprofit Impact Initiative for Leaders of Color fund.

The Capacity Building Grants, totaling $82,148, are designed to invest in the health and sustainability of nonprofit organizations serving Brown, Door, Kewaunee, and Oconto counties. These grants play a crucial role in strengthening the operational capabilities of nonprofits, ensuring they can continue to serve their communities effectively and sustainably. Within each grant cycle, specific funds are allocated to support organizations led by people of color and those serving populations aged 60 and older. The three specific organizations that received funding from Brown County United Way’s Nonprofit Impact Initiative Fund:

Latino Professionals Association of NEW (LPA of N.E.W): Funds will be used to enhance their online presence. An improved website design will allow the organization to improve their ability to reach, engage, and serve members and regional organizations.
Midwest Survivors Institute: Funding will support the facilitation of a formal strategic planning process to bring a variety of stakeholder entities together with the institute’s board of directors and a regionally knowledgeable facilitator. Funding will elevate the work of the organization in building community partnerships and lay needed groundwork to create future sustainability.
Skanikulat: Funds will enhance its fundraising development and strategic planning capacities. This request aims to build the organization’s capacity for sustainable growth and maximize its impact in the community.

Maria M. Lara, Cofounder and President of LPA of N.E.W states, “This generous gift will be utilized to create a new website, enhancing LPA’s on-line presence and increasing our capabilities while also reducing manual processes; allowing our volunteer run organization to focus on reaching, engaging and serving members of LPA, the N.E.W. region and advancing our mission.”

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