Advocate for ALICE and Make an Impact

Brown County United Way is actively engaged in advocacy. This means that we provide information and data, and uplift community voices to elevate awareness for the public and decision makers about community challenges and opportunities for policy change.

We believe that accomplishing large-scale systems reform requires policy change. Multifaceted advocacy efforts in collaboration with many partners are required. We must focus both governmental and nongovernmental policy solutions on the individuals, families, communities, and systems of care that are facing uncertainty, insecurity, and injustice.

Our advocacy work is framed around our impact priorities of education, health, financial wellbeing, and connection to community - all crucial elements in individuals’ and families’ ability to thrive. Our target population is individuals and families living below the ALICE Threshold, including and particularly people and communities who are experiencing marginalization and discrimination.

Advocacy Forum 2022


For more information about our multi-agency Advocacy Council, please contact Sarah Inman.