Forever United

Mentor the Next Generation of Community Leaders

Brown County United Way’s Forever United members are individuals, either retired or soon to retire, who recognize the important role volunteerism and philanthropy play in strengthening our community, and who remain committed to United Way’s mission.

Our Impact

Forever United’s members contribute a lifetime of skills and experiences to benefit future generations throughout communities in Brown County.

Forever United Step-Up Program

Community members who are retired or close to retirement, and invest $500 or more each year, are eligible to be members of Forever United. You can also become a member today through the Forever United Step-Up Program, committing to grow your annual gift to $500 or more over the next three years.

Step Up Program

  • Step 1: Make a gift of $150 or more and join the Forever United Step-Up Program.
  • Step 2: Commit to a gift of $300 in year two.
  • Step 3: Commit to a gift of $500 or more in year three.

Investments made can be given throughout the course of the year. Example: $42 per month to reach the $500 giving level.

Join Us

Forever United members develop lasting relationships within our community, inspiring and enacting positive change. When we band together, talent and skills are maximized, and our community grows stronger and more vibrant. Opportunities also exist through our Forever United Planning Council as we build our strategic plan for the year.

Membership Benefits

  1. Real, measurable change in our community through your annual investment.
  2. Connections with committed and engaged likeminded retirees and soon to be retirees.
  3. Deeper understanding of critical issues in Brown County and how you can make a difference.
  4. Invitations to events and volunteer opportunities designed by the Forever United Advisory Council
  5. Invitations to Brown County United Way mission focused educational opportunities.

Forever United participants have the opportunity to:

  • LEVERAGE your professional skill set to make an impact on the community
  • MAKE A DIFFERENCE by diving into meaningful local volunteer projects
  • INFLUENCE the next generation of leaders while collaborating on community challenges

For more information about Forever United Mentorship, please contact BCUW.