Volunteers ARE the United Way!

Volunteer Board of Directors: Leading the way for our United Way, the Volunteer Board of Directors sets policies, approves committee recommendations and makes all final decisions about how the Brown County United Way can make the greatest impact in our community.
Community Impact Councils: From investigating the needs of a child who can’t get access to dental care to surveying the entire community for programs that provide health care, Community Impact Council Volunteers make decisions on how to best serve our community. These volunteers sit on four separate but united councils that each focus on one specific area of need:
  1. Children, Youth & Families
  2. Basic Needs & Self- Sufficiency
  3. Community Access & Resources
  4. Health & Wellness
By inspecting data, forging partnerships and formulating funding recommendations, Impact Council Volunteers provide a unique helping role in Brown County.
Committees: Between marketing, finance and emerging needs, every element of the United Way has a volunteer committee to provide guidance and direction. Committee Volunteers use their expertise to help make sure United Way is always the best organization it can be.
Emerging Leaders Society: This society provides action-minded individuals with an opportunity to shape their community through hands-on leadership. ELS members believe in a mandate for making a change today. Service projects range from building houses for the homeless to training our future stars of the Special Olympics.
Employee Campaign Coordinators: Without these volunteers, there would be no United Way campaign. ECCs run the United Way show at their respective places of employment.
And so much more: Each day, hundreds of volunteers are making an impact on every aspect of the United Way. And through the United Way, thousands of volunteers get to learn hands-on why Brown County is a great place to live and work.
Interested in volunteering? Click through here to share your interest.
For more information about the thousands of volunteer opportunities in Brown County, check out the Volunteer Center of Brown County website or give them a call at 920-429-9445.