Year of Action: Your Chance to Make a Difference

How can I make a difference? 

Every year United Ways throughout the world invite people and organizations to LIVE UNITED by offering opportunities to take action to address a variety of challenges in their communities. United Way’s Day of Action provides opportunities for volunteers, donors and advocates to be part of solutions that make a real difference in people’s lives. Beginning on June 21st, Brown County United Way put our mission into action by launching a Year of Action aimed at improving the building blocks for a good quality of life: health, education, financial stability and community connectedness. You can find ways to LIVE UNITED and make a difference below. To learn more about what we are already doing in the community follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or check out our Podcasts

June 21st kicked off a year-round volunteer engagement effort. Teams of United Way volunteers will have the opportunity to participate in several service projects located within a targeted geographic area in Green Bay’s east side. Many of these projects will focus on supporting organizations and physical spaces that help those living in poverty and who are ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, and Employed). Day of Action projects directly tie into two core components of our refreshed strategic direction: our partnership with the Green Bay Area Public School District and Howe Community Resource Center to establish Howe Elementary as a community school, and a wrap-around neighborhood-based initiative currently under development.



Looking for more information?

Please email Jill Sobieck or call 920.593.4764