Community-Based Strategies

The Brown County Child Abuse & Neglect (CAN) Initiative is coordinated by Brown County United Way and Brown County Human Services. A goal of this initiative is to build a cooperative and collaborative network of parent support systems for all families through community organized gatherings that focus on the protective factors to strengthen the family unit. The Family Engagement Team is now issuing Requests for Proposals from local tax exempt human service agencies who wish to implement the Parent Café Model.

About Parent Cafes

The Parent Café Model was developed by the Illinois Department of Children and Families as a tool to engage families in the Strengthening Families, Protective Factors Framework. Parent Cafés are a vehicle for parents to have their own conversations about keeping their families strong based on a set of Protective Factors that help prevent child abuse and neglect. Parent Cafés are gatherings where parents participate actively in guided, open conversations about questions that really matter to them.

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