Brown County United Way awards over $40,000 financial grants to 6 local nonprofits

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Six local nonprofit organizations have received over $40,000 in grants from Brown County United Way.

Brown County United Way announced on April 24, that it has recently awarded financial grants to six more local nonprofit groups that assist people that are being affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

The organization says the recent financial grants total $41,300.

The local nonprofit groups that received these grants are as follow:

  • Community Benefit Tree, Inc. – The funds are helping with providing food/meals, health and hygiene items, as well as transportation.
  • Family & Childcare Resources of Northeast Wisconsin – The funds are providing group and family childcare programs with essential supplies including food and cleaning products as well as ensuring they remain open for essential workers.
  • Freedom House Ministries – The funds are helping families that are experiencing homelessness.
  • House of Hope Green Bay – The funds are helping provide shelter to young parents and children experiencing homelessness.
  • Jake’s Diapers and Operation Community Cares – The funds are helping provide non-diaper, non-food products such as feminine hygiene products, adult-care essentials, shampoo, conditioner, lotion baby wash, toilet paper, cleaning wipes, and baby wipes.
  • Transformation House – The funds are helping with meals, health and hygiene products, and additional staff support.

Brown County United way reports that since starting this fund in March, it has provided funding of $163,004 to 19 Brown County nonprofit organizations and to this date has raised $273,272 in funds.

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