Ready, Set, Action Part II

On this week’s episode, we continue our conversation on the impact of volunteers. Joining Robyn and Miranda around the table are Tom Vandenberg and Dianne Wilson, members of Brown County United Way’s Retire United volunteer group.

United Way, we’ve come a long way!

We invite listeners to join us today, as take a journey back in time to the the early years of Brown County United Way and the more than 90-year evolution of our local United Way. Joining our discussion today is Sarah Inman, Vice President of Community Investment and Tom Schoffelman, Vice President of Resource Development and Communication.

What’s Up Brown County United Way?

Welcome to our first podcast of Coffee Talk with Robyn Davis! On today’s podcast we invite our first guests and podcast creators, Jill Sobieck and Miranda Knudson to discuss the importance of launching this conversation tool and how this fits into the mission of Brown County United Way.

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