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Brown County 2-1-1 helps organizations extend their reach in the community. Each month we receive over 300 phone calls and thousands of web searches from people who want to connect to local programs and services. Help us get them to the right place.

Join Our Database:

Do you manage a program or service that assists Brown, Door, or Kewaunee County residents? If it meets the requirements of our Inclusion/Exclusion Policy, we would be happy to list it in our 211 database. Please complete the following request form to list your organization. Our Resource Specialist will contact you shortly.

2-1-1 Database Information:

The 2-1-1 database in Brown County is a collaboration between the Aging & Disability Resource Center of Brown County and Crisis Center of Family Services. Our partnership makes it possible for our agencies to help more people, change more lives, and strengthen more families in our community. The Brown County 2-1-1 partnership is a best-practice model, bringing together knowledge and expertise to combine multiple databases into a single source for help.

The 2-1-1 database is a real time, updated, comprehensive resource of supports and services in the community.  This resource database supports the accurate information the 2-1-1 Information & Referral Specialists provide to people in need, is available online for people to search themselves, assists case managers and human service providers serving their clients, etc. It’s a community resource! It’s critical the information is kept updated and it takes a community!

Brown County 2-1-1’s database is part of a broader statewide Wisconsin 2-1-1 database and services are listed or “indexed” in the database following the AIRS/2-1-1 LA County Taxonomy of Human Services. Resource Specialists categorize programs by Taxonomy Terms and geographic service area for accurate and consistent search ability. If you have questions about how your organization is listed, please contact a Resource Specialist!

Update Your Listing:

Resource Specialists update the database daily – this could be new programs added, seasonal program registrations, hours revised, phone number or contact person changes, and other information!

Formal Updates – Following industry best practices for resource management, each organization’s information is updated once per year, formally by the database partners.  The full “record” is reviewed for changes by the service provider and changes processed. We depend upon the involvement of agency professionals and others in the community to assist us in keeping this database accurate.

Interim Updates – To keep information current, some changes need to be made more than once a year.  Updates to keep the information current, like changes to hours, phone number, etc. are made quickly to keep the community up-to-date on changing information in the health and human service field.

Please contact us if anything changes in your organization or programs that impact how people access or receive your services!

Help Us Connect with Your Staff and Customers

We are always looking for new opportunities to get the word out about 2-1-1. 2-1-1 can provide services to your organization including direct referrals, guest speakers for your meetings, in-service training for your organization, a 2-1-1 informational booth at health fairs or trade shows, and 2-1-1 material distribution.


If you have any questions, contact Holly Ladwig, Resource Specialist.

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