2-1-1: Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery

Are you prepared for an emergency or disaster if one were to occur right now?  What would you do?  Where would you go?  Would your family know what to do if you were not there?  What about your pets?  What about your important personal documents?  These are just a few things we need to consider when preparing for any type of emergency and/or disaster. In addition to our primary role connecting residents to the help they need, 2-1-1 is involved in local disaster planning, response and recovery.

We know that 2-1-1 works during a time of disaster. 2-1-1 supported recovery and assessment efforts in Ashland, Bayfield, Burnett, Douglas, and Iron Counties that were impacted by severe flooding. In the wake of a disaster, residents rely on 2-1-1 to get connected to food and water, shelter, transportation, medical assistance, construction materials and application for federal and state assistance. Providing this kind of essential and can free up emergency responders to do the work they are best suited to do for the community. We try to take a burden off of the 911 system, leaving it free for real emergencies. Emergency management, human service systems, and community coalitions rely on 2-1-1’s ability to collect data and disseminate information quickly and to ramp up capacity utilizing an established statewide and national network of contact centers.

There are many resources available to help you start preparing or to help you further prepare. Below are some links that will be able to shed light on the importance of preparing and what steps you need to take:


If you have any questions, contact Holly Ladwig, Resource Specialist.

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