Why United Way?

Brown County United Way engages our community, mobilizes volunteers and strengthens local non-profits to achieve measurable results and change lives.
Everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed. That’s why United Way is focusing on education, self-sufficiency, health and Community Connectivity – The Building Blocks for a good life.
United Way is advancing the common good in our community – it’s about more than helping one person at a time. It’s about changing systems to help all of us.
We are all connected and interdependent. We all win when children succeed in school, when families are financially stable and when people are making good decisions regarding their health.
None of the work done by United Way could be carried out without fellow community members, organizations and partners volunteering their time and investing financial resources.  Each year United Way workforce campaign supports over 40 local programs and initiatives – all contributing to longer-term solutions and measured for performance and impact.  While the campaign raises approximately 4 million dollars every year, this is just the base amount required to maintain existing levels of support. Therefore, as the organization evolves, so has its fundraising model.  Along with the workforce campaign, United Way relies on additional support received through grants, planned and endowment giving and generous in-kind donations.  These additional dollars and services help meet emerging local needs and allow United Way to lead and partner on new and ongoing community change efforts.
Each year most United Ways have also traditionally set campaign goals; such goals are often the defining benchmark for success.  However, as we move away from single-stream fundraising, Brown County United Way is revisiting how our annual goals will be set, and how success will be measured.  Our success in the future will not be determined by just a single dollar amount, but by all the results seen through year-round efforts to make positive changes in community conditions.  Ultimately, that is a truer measure of impact and a concept the whole community can rally around.
This will allow Brown County United Way to continue to play an important role in making our community, stronger, better and more vibrant for all who live here.


For information on how Brown County United Way invests dollars raised back into the community, please contact Andria Hannula.