United Way and Community Impact– A Pathway to Independence

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Green Bay is a community of GREATNESS; home to the Green Bay Packers, beautiful parks and recreation, and many other hidden and not so hidden treasures. I welcome you to our home page, where we aspire to GREATNESS by supporting people and our community to achieve this through giving, advocating and volunteering.

The United Way has been around for more than 100 years in the United States and since 1925 in Brown County! Throughout this time the organization has been regarded as a strong ally to nonprofits, government, education, and institutions across every sector of the community, providing hope and opportunity for young and old. It is this impact on real people that supports and defines the United Way mission.

Since 1925 the Brown County United Way has worked diligently to build expertise, interconnectivity, and trust in the community. In recent years, we have undergone a significant transformation from being solely a charitable fundraiser to also being a leader in developing comprehensive, collaborative solutions in the areas of education, self-sufficiency, and health – the pathways to personal independence.

This idea of independence is a powerful notion. All of us who have children understand the importance of “showing and telling” our children to stand strong, on their own. We too as leaders and citizens need to work together to mobilize volunteer and economic resources to provide a “pathway” for all of our citizens to be successful in life. Our community is poised to make this transformation to empowerment and independence. As is true with all strong communities, it is a balance of power and influence that makes a difference. If we change the relationships between those in power and ordinary people, everyone can take part in the issues that affect their lives. It is this idea of empowerment and independence related to social change that will mobilize our community to GREATNESS.

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