Community leaders form the Green Bay Community Chest. Original partner agencies included Associated Charities, The Salvation Army, Green Bay Day Nursery (now Encompass), St. Mary’s Mothers and Infants Home, the Red Cross and the Clara Barton Home. The first campaign is chaired by Nate Rosenberg and raises $17,582.


All of Brown County is covered by a United Campaign. Name is changed to United Fund of Brown County. Corporations and individual contributors begin to play a part in the policy-making process and fund investment. Plans begin to broaden fundraising efforts to include more local agencies.


United Fund of Brown County changes its name to United Way of Brown County.


United Way of Brown County establishes a guideline for community planning and in doing so ensures that United Way-supported services address a wide range of community problems and relate to the entire human service system in Brown County, rather than only to agencies receiving funding.


Annual campaign raises more than $1 million for the first time.


Completed COMPASS I – a needs assessment of Brown County.


United Way Board adopts a strategic direction which includes, but is not limited to, adding value to the community beyond that of supporting individual agencies in the area of health and human services.


To better target funding and ensure United Way dollars are well utilized, grants are now invested in local programs that are required to measure outcomes, rather than in agencies on the whole.


United Way of Brown County completes its 75th annual campaign, celebrating a long history of community service and assistance. Campaign raises more than $4 million for the first time. United Way Board presented with a white paper from national affiliate United Way of America entitled, “Community Impact: A New Paradigm Emerging”.


Community Impact Division and Community Impact Councils formed. United Way of America’s “Case for Action” is shared with the board. It is a revitalization effort that requires collective action across the nation to address the need for community leadership, changing traditional fundraising to “investing in compelling solutions to community problems”, and measuring our ability to create impact.


United Way staff and impact councils complete community needs data analysis.


Based on community needs data analysis, each of five impact councils begin implementing “community change initiatives” focused on early childhood (Community Partnership for Children), homelessness, school attendance, 2-1-1 and children’s oral health.


Brown County United Way celebrates its 80th anniversary and $80 million raised.


Brown County United Way 2-1-1 call center and collaborative online community database launched.


Emerging Needs Committee formed; in 2009, grant application process opened for the first time since 1999; Requests for Proposals issued according to “emerging”, prioritized community needs.


Community Partnership for Children initiative leverages more than $1 million in multi-year major gifts.


Three-year strategic plan launched. Collaborative, community-level goal setting around Education, Self-Sufficiency and Health – the building blocks for a good life – is a major planning focus.


The Brown County United Way celebrates 90 years of service.